Erfahrungen eines Flugschülers

Über den Weg eines BPFV-Flugschülers zum Privatpilotenschein PPL(A)

Auf diesen Seiten berichtet unser Mitglied und Flugschüler Roel „Flying Dutchman“ Huneker über seine Ausbildung vom „Fußgänger zum Privatpiloten“ (PPL-A) in der Flugschule des Badisch-Pfälzischen Flugsportvereins e. V.

  • Did some early morning flying today! Luckily the weather was...31.01.2017 09:39 Uhr

    Did some early morning flying today! Luckily the weather was just good enough for traffic circuits. A big advantage of early morning flying: There is always a plane available!

    I also had an Airplane Navigation app running in the background, recording my flight paths and approaches. It shows nicely that I am correcting too much on my final and have to anticipate where the plane will be 10 seconds from now, and offcourse correct for that. Something for the next time! Also a lesson of today: the landing isnt over until all wheels are on the ground…… 

    The left turns instructed from the control tower (to keep some space between other airplanes) weren’t so nice and weren’t the normal 2 minutes, but only 1:30, but we didn’t have much choice  due to the Mannheim Power Plant chimneys… Next time I will try to bank a little bit less!

  • Winter Break – Why to fly and not to fly So far I have 3 flying hours in my logbook, and I started...13.01.2017 10:57 Uhr

    Winter Break – Why to fly and not to fly 

    So far I have 3 flying hours in my logbook, and I started with my first lesson in October. Finally the next lesson is planned for Saturday, if the stars align correctly…. Why does it take so long to get some more hours in my logbook?

    There are several reasons not to fly, and only one reason to fly. The reasons not to fly (at least during the PPL(A)) so far have been for me:

    1.       bad weather

    2.       not so great weather

    3.       It’s dark outside

    4.       Plane not available or broken or in maintenance

    5.       Flight Instructor not available

    6.       Not enough time before the flight

    7.       No stress at work or at home

    8.       Some other random stuff (Airport closed, or no fuel available)

    The reason to fly is:

    1.       When everything above is not applicable

    As you see, it is much easier not to fly than to fly. On the first lesson, my instructor told me: “It is better to be on the ground and wishing that you were flying, than to be in the air and wishing to be on the ground”. Especially as a fresh student, conditions should be good enough to concentrate on the basics, which are hard enough already. I called up my teacher once asking if we could fly (the plane was already booked). I was near Darmstadt at work and could see a blue horizon past the rain clouds. Luckily he said “No”. 

    In the winter, weather is unfortunately not the best, so most flying is restriced in the winter, and most people take a break in the winter and use the time to finish the theoretical part of the PPL. I plan to take the PPL theoretical exam in April, so I can start the avation season in the spring with a solid basis, If I pass it. 

    Next to that: it is also quite hard to get a date and time where one can fly, especially in winter where the weather is bad and foggy. As the sun already sets at 17:00, there is only so much daylight to fly in, and there several other members and students of the BPFV who also want to fly. Generally, all the 152’s are reserved by other students at least a week in advance, so deciding in the morning that you want to do some training with your teacher isn’t going to happen.

    One time I rushed to the airport from work and was just in time. I didn’t have any lunch and didn’t drink enough. Needlessly to say, that hour of flying was wasted. 

    So for now, I keep dreaming that I have my licence by the end of the year.

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